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Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.

Established in 1959 as a specialized manufacturer of film capacitors. We have production plants in Japan (Hanamaki Okaya) and China (Yangzhou). After resuming business in 2010, we have also started producing capacitors for automobiles and motor runs.

Nissei Electric is a specialist manufacturer of film capacitors. It was established in 1959. Factories are located in Hanamaki, Okaka (Japan) and Yangzhou (China).

Capacitors for cars and motor-runs are developed since 2010.

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company name





​Production capacity


​sales office

Yangzhou Nissei Electronics Co., Ltd.

No.68 Gaoshu North Road, Guojiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province 225009, China


​ Chen Chongsheng

​250 name


20,000,000 units/month (Mid-to-high voltage/X2/Vehicle capacitor)

​10 million pieces/month (low voltage capacitor)


​Yangzhou/Shanghai/Shenzhen/Hong Kong


Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.

201 Honkan, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture 025-0061

Chen Chung Sheng

90 people

10 million pieces/month

​10 million pieces/month (low voltage capacitor)




​Company history

1959: Established Nippon Seimitsu Electric Laboratory

1969: Company name changed to Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.

1969: Hanamaki Factory established

1987: Okaya Institute of Technology established

1994: Established Shanghai Nissei Electric Co., Ltd. (SNE)

1997: Established Shanghai Nissei Trading Co., Ltd. (SNT)

2008: Established Yangzhou Nissei Electronics Co., Ltd. (YNE)

2009: Established Nissei Electric Yangzhou Co., Ltd. (NDY)
2010: Acquisition of Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.'s entire business

2010: Established Nissei Electric Co., Ltd. (NIS)

2011: Joined Gimpo Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

2011: Established Nissei Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

2011: Nissei Electric Co., Ltd. (NIS) capital increase

2013: Yangzhou Nissei Electronics new factory started operation

​2019: Capital increase

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