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Hong Kong Office

Unit 10, 14/F, FoTan Industrial Centre, 26-28, Au Pui Wan St,

FoTan, ShaTin, N/T, Hong Kong

No. 26-28, Hong Kong New Territories Coal Coal, Back Bay St.  Futeng Industrial Center 14 rooms, 10 rooms


          MTR-East Line

   From Fo Tan Station, please take the exitD and walk straight about 7 mins.

  From Shatin Station, please take a taxi to our office.


         Hong Kong International Airport

   Please take the bus no. A41.(HKD20)
   Get off at Shatin and take a taxi to our office.

Japan Office

Nagano Office

8-14, Daimonsaiwaicho, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano, 399-0741, Japan

 Blast Co., Ltd. Shiojiri Branch

(TEL) 0263-87-2455

(FAX) 0263-87-5446

Local subsidiary in Japan

Room 202, Rumode Center North, 1-38-10 Nakagawachuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Kanagawa Prefecture

*In the office of TM UNITY Co., Ltd.

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