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Company Purpose

Becoming far-sighted enterprise

Other than seeking for advantages and profits, aim to become an enterprise which is

detailed in Film Capacitor, and give back to the society. (taxes, employment)

Company History

2007   Established a thin-film capacitor trading company in Hong Kong (Capital: Hong Kong RMB 500,000)

     Nissei Electric (general-purpose product), Pilkor (overseas safety standard product)

2009   Japanese subsidiary established


2009  capital increase to 1 million yuan


2010   started warehouse operation


2011   Capital increase to 3 million yuan


2013  capital increase to 5 million yuan


2014   office transfer. Integrated office and warehouse. Area about 280㎡

Company Profile​​


Headquarters in HK

Company Name


Date of Establishment



Blast Trading Hong Kong Ltd

Heda Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Blast Co.,ltd
Blast Co., Ltd.


Address: (Number of Staff: 6 )
Unit 10, 14/F, FoTan Industrial Centre, 26-28,
Au Pui Wan St, FoTan, ShaTin, N/T, Hong Kong


Shiojiri Branch: (Number of Staff: 4 )
8-14, Daimonsaiwaicho, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano, 399-0741, Japan




HKD5,000,000 (Kanezuka 98%, Eva Kwok 2%)
JPY88,000,000(Calculated by rate in 2022 Sep)


Nissei・Pilkor Film Capacitor

Agent of Olinas HK Limited

Film Capacitor

Electronic components

Financial Status 

8 years continuously in Black

Deticit in 2012~2014, Profit in 2015

To gain trust from customers and suppliers


Quality Assurance ①

Recording lot no. when entering stock and shipping goods

No loan since starting business

Capital Adequacy Ratio



Keeping stock in HK office


We can prepare stock based on

​customer's forecast.

Quality Assurance②

Targeting to provide elementary report within 24 hours in case of malfuncition

Quality Assurance ③

Applying ISO Cert. in 2010 sucessfully, and managing documents properly

About​ us

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