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​company purpose

Goal Accomplishment Gao Zhan Far East Company

Do not seek profit, goal-oriented, electronic parts-like corporate social welfare (payment/employment),

Promoting long-term and stable business development.


2007   Established a thin-film capacitor trading company in Hong Kong (Capital: Hong Kong RMB 500,000)

     Nissei Electric (general-purpose product), Pilkor (overseas safety standard product)

2009   Japanese subsidiary established


2009  capital increase to 1 million yuan


2010   started warehouse operation


2011   Capital increase to 3 million yuan


2013  capital increase to 5 million yuan


2014   office transfer. Integrated office and warehouse. Area about 280㎡

​company overview

​company overview

​company overview

Local subsidiary in Japan

Hong Kong Headquarters

company name




Business content

Blast Trading Hong Kong Ltd

Heda Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Blast Co., Ltd.

Headquarters site (6 employees)

Unit 10, 14/F, FoTan Industrial Centre, 26-28,

Au Pui Wan St, FoTan, ShaTin, N/T, Hong Kong

No. 26-28, Hong Kong New Territories Coal Coal, Back Bay St.  

Futeng Industrial Center 14 rooms, 10 rooms

8-14 Daimonsaiwaicho, Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture (4 staff members)




HKD5,000,000 (Naoki Kanezuka 98%, Eva Kwok 2%)
From September 2022 calculation rate is about 88 million yen

1,000,000 Japanese yen

Nissei Electric Pilkor  thin film capacitor

Agent for Olinas HK Limited

thin film capacitor

Electronic parts/processed parts

trust activities

bank loan


Since its founding, it has been a non-debt business.


Inventory management (1)

Stored in warehouse and office.

Inventory management ②

Under the situation of FC provided by you,

Reserves are reserved.

Quality assurance ①


Full record of incoming and outgoing currency.

Quality assurance②


In case of failure, target within 24 hours

Submission initial report.

Quality assurance ③


Acquired ISO9001 in 2012,

Parallel location and progress document management.

​Company Environmental Overview

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